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Now here the mosaics for interiour house furnishings and for sacred and ecclesial coverings

The current production of mosaics for home furnishings and for sacred and ecclesial coverings, signed by Vincenzo Greco, recalls the ancient charm of mosaic with vitreous enamels and natural stones and marbles. Each tessera is unique and precious and generates an exclusive mosaic work of art, thanks to the soft natural nuances of the material shaped in a harmonious balance. Like an expert stylist and designer, Vincenzo Greco relates to the character and style of every sacred and domestic environment.


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فسيفساء أرضية Discover the mosaics for your modern, classic floor furnishings. free prices and estimates

 فسيفساء أرضية

I am “Vincenzo Greco”. I create mosaics for interior furnishings, floors, walls, modern and classic bathrooms for interior doors and windows, wall coverings, abstract images
and floral, Liberty style, classic, ancient Roman reproductions, colored false ceilings.

When I listen to a customer's wish, I make myself IMMEDIATELY AVAILABLE, I identify with it and think:
How can I make myself useful to YOU?

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